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Kids in Preschool

Average Childcare Costs

Most student-athletes are required to take at least 12 credit hours of class per semester, plus study time. They also have practice up to 6 days per week. That adds up to a full time job, and most parents with this schedule would need full-time care for their kiddos. Below are the national average childcare costs for 2021 that serve as our suggested donation amounts. 

One Day Donation         $45

One Week Donation      $225

One Month Donation     $1350 

One Year Donation        $16,200

Student-athletes will be awarded grants based on need, number of children, and academic progress towards a degree. 


By Mail

Please makes checks payable to Vaughn Childcare Fund.


PO Box Coming soon

Boulder, CO 80301


Via PayPal using the

button above.

By Email

Please email below and include the amount you'd like to give.

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